What You Need to Know About Golfing

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is considered a relaxing sport and a lot of people practice it in their free time. It is also very popular as a way of doing business. Instead of sitting behind desks with their suits on, there are a lot of people adopting the habit if taking their clients golfing.

Although popular, there are many interesting facts about golfing that most people don’t know about. Even those who practice it.


There is some controversy about the origins of Golf. The sport was probably invented in Scotland and around 1400 AD it was already practiced by the locals. It was very popular at that time. The Scottish Parliament banned the practice in 1457, because it was affecting the country’s productivity.

Modern Golf was invented in the 1700s also by the Scottish people. The first official rules where elaborated in 1744 in the city of Edinburgh.


Golf was part of the second Modern Olympic Games, in 1900. In 1904 it was also part of the Olympic Games. That was the last time Golf was part of the games until it came back in 2016 Rio Olympic Games.


The term “Golf” comes from the German word kolbe, that means club. The sport is practiced in a specific field, mainly of grass, but some spots with sand or water are also common.

The basic rules consist in hitting a ball with a club from a starting point and trying to get in the hole. There up to 18 holes in a golf course. There are two most used ways of playing Golf: the Stroke play and the Match Play.

Stroke Play

The Stroke Play is the most common and is the one used in competition. The winner is the player with less strokes by the end of all holes.

Match Play

In Match Play the strokes are accounted for each hole individually. Whoever has less strokes to complete a hole, gets one point for it.  The sum of the points at the end decides the winner.

Popular sport

Although it is considered by some to be an elitist sport, Golf has many enthusiasts around the world. In a 2015 estimation, 85 million people practice Golf around the globe.

It is a very fun sport and it is great for people that suffer from stress. Take a stroke, it is worth it!

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